Getting Started to become a Driver

Provisional Licence

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 You must have a Provisional Driving Licence before you can start driving and take driving lessons. you must be 17 years of age are over to apply. You can apply for it on a DVLA form (D1) it can be obtained from main post offices. Fees for licence  is £ 50.00 ,you can also apply on line at the DVLA website.
Theory Test
You must pass your theory test before you can apply to take your practical car test. you can apply for it as soon as you get your provisional licence. Theory test is in two parts , multiple choice questions and a Hazard Perception test. you must pass both parts of the test to pass your theory test. You can apply for theory test by calling DVSA on 0300 200 1122 or on DVSA website.
Practical Driving Test
you will be advised by your instructor when you are ready for your practical test. you will need to Contact DVSA on 0300 200 1122 or on DVSA website.
Please note that we can help you in booking your practical driving  test and can arrange for an early appointment, If you are ready for your driving test.
For further information on how to get an early date & booking your practical test, please contact us on:  07956495985
driving instructor sloughTest Centres In Slough
Theory tests:  
Brooklands House, Mill Street,
Petersfield Avenue, Slough,Berks
Practical Test Centre
Grays Place
Slough, Berks

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